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Welcome To Philanthropist Awards

Philanthropist Awards encompasses a few different aspects of doing good. First of all, we highlight the amazing people who give to charity whether they are a celebrity or a normal person like you or me. These people are the ones who go the extra mile in order to make others feel good and surprise people with their generosity. We write profiles on these incredible individuals and give them unsolicited awards because this type of action needs to be recognized. Do you have someone you’d like to nominate? Just click on the green nominations button in the top right hand corner!

We also profile charities who are really going the extra mile to help anyone and everyone. Our favorite causes are ones that don’t have any type of political slant or angle, they are simply good for anyone who needs their services or offerings. Oftentimes, these organizations work hard to put a smile on everyone’s faces. These trusted charities have a great reputation and may make great candidates for the donations of first time givers or those who are wary about who they give their money to.

We created this site because there are so many negative news stories out there but we believe that the world is mostly good. We want to promote the positive stories and lift people up who are truly doing good work in the world.

I follow Philanthropist Awards in order to see the latest trends in giving so I can better decide where to donate.

Tanya Dorian | American Philanthropist