Oprah Winfrey

Many celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires use their fame and money to draw attention to charities and love to donate to a variety of different causes. Oprah Winfrey has built a media empire and used her earnings to give millions of dollars to a wide range of charities and nonprofit organizations. She has been ranked the number one African-American philanthropist in American history.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, a lot of damage was done and many lives were turned upside down. Oprah Winfrey donated $10 million to relief efforts related to Hurricane Katrina. Also, she has spent over $50 million on education, health care, advocacy for children, and many other causes. That more than $60 million was her charitable contributions in the year 2007, and with a solid track record of helping many charities each year, she has donated much more than that overall.

In 2004, Oprah was ranked among the 50 most generous Americans, being the first African person to make the rankings. From her start in philanthropy to the year 2012, she had donated more than $400 million to education causes. At the 2002 Emmy Awards, she received the first ever Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. Oprah has accomplished so much in her life and continues to give to charitable causes.

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