The Influential Power of Giving Back with Philanthropist Jérôme Montigny

The idea that actions speak louder than words isn’t just motivation for acclaimed branding coach Jérôme Montigny; it’s a practice he encourages by example with all of his business strategy clients. From entrepreneurs and speakers, to investors and consultants, there is a strategic advantage to putting your best philanthropic foot forward.

Inspired by his work with The Tony Robbins Foundation, Mr. Montigny coaches from the same fundamental premise: that ‘only those who have learned the power of sincere & selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment’. For influencers and thought leaders in any industry, coaching on philanthropic awareness can be crucial to more effectively help those in need. By teaching from a strategic standpoint in business leadership, Jérôme Montigny coaches his clients in a way that is designed to inspire people to elevate themselves by helping others, and ultimately see more meaningful, long-term personal rewards.

“The age of self-interest is long over, and those with a philanthropic vision for the future are best positions not only to elevate their personal brand but to do so by helping others,” explains Mr. Montigny. “Basically by helping others, we help ourselves and create an example for others to pay it forward,” which as many of his clients have seen, creates tremendous opportunities for business development and personal growth.

There is no industry or vertical where influencers can’t benefit from leveraging their reach and conversion power for a philanthropic cause, as Mr. Montigny can attest to. Even luxury brands, a group that can sometimes have an elitist or exclusionary image, can embrace the value of philanthropic focus. Many luxury brands have benefitted directly from Montigny’s work with the International Basket Brigade and the Global Youth Leadership, which enable ways for them to give back to global communities and reach some of those who are most in need.

Perhaps the best part for business strategists like Jérôme Montigny is the idea that social media influencers and brand ambassadors embracing philanthropy isn’t merely a feel good trend, but a truly intrinsic core value proposition that is here to stay. There’s more than just a strategic business advantage to getting philanthropically involved in giving back to your community and helping those in need; as Montigny puts it, “it feels really GOOD to do it, too.”

As such, it’s a great time to reevaluate what your brand influencer could do to help others. As true philanthropists like Jérôme Montigny know, there is no time like the present to make a difference to someone in need.

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