2018 Recipient: Shawn Boday

Shawn Boday is a real estate investor who has made an investment in the community on the top of his docket. He has over a decade of experience in the real estate investment industry, and now we are awarding him for his commitment to affordable housing and philanthropic efforts. Shawn is a very private person but someone in his life recognized his contributions to his local community and nominated him to this award. Those who see his long list of contributions, including donations to several organizations in his community and national non-profits doing great work as well, recognize this is a guy who is committed to giving back.

As he is a humble type of person, he is not the type to even consider himself a philanthropist. According to the person who nominated him, he prefers to just think of it as his duty to his community as a successful investor. He recognizes that not everyone is as fortunate as he is, to have been able to build up several successful businesses and reach such a platform of success. He just wants to share that with those who aren’t there yet!

Shawn also enjoys giving to charities and philanthropic endeavors because he is a problem solver. The thing he enjoys about his work is that when he sees a problem he will work to get it fixed until he will rest. That leads to long days in the office but he always gets the job done. He brings that attitude to his philanthropy. He sees it not just as something that is good to do, but as something that is satisfying because he is working to solve the problems in his community and the world at large.

When we contacted Shawn for a comment, he didn’t want to provide one because he prefers to remain under the radar. Luckily for him, those who do good deeds always get at least a bit of recognition on Philanthropy Awards.

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