Big Brothers Big Sisters

It’s important for kids to have positive role models in their lives, and Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to make sure that everyone can have that. It’s all about finding and matching mentors to inspire them to be their best. It is the largest donation and volunteer-based mentorship network in the whole country! They focus their efforts on children who face adversity to have a positive role model to show them they can be whatever they want in life. This relationship can make a big difference for a kid who is going through a difficult time.

The goals for the kids are that through a mentorship relationship they will gain higher aspirations and better confidence, they will avoid risky behaviors and they will attain educational success. They have locations all across the US to help kids wherever they are.

Mentorship can be a lifelong commitment, and there are many stories of mentors attending their former mentee’s wedding, graduation ceremony or other important life events. However, keep in mind that this is not a one way relationship. Being a mentor is very rewarding because you get to see the development and growth of a local community member, and you forge a lifelong relationship with someone in your community. Of course, not everyone can donate their time, because we are all busy with families, work, and hobbies, but donating money can help to sponsor one of these life changing relationships.

The organization has been around for over 100 years, and was started by an NYC court clerk who noticed more young people coming through the court system. He thought that if these kids had a positive role model in their lives, they might do better, so he started an organization called Big Brothers to set kids up with mentors. Around the same time, independently, a group of women were doing the same thing for young girls, eventually creating the Catholic Big Sisters. In 1977 the two organizations came together to help kids all over the country and in 12 other countries across the globe!

Want to donate to a great organization? There’s nothing better than helping kids.

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