George Michael

George Michael was a British pop star of iconic proportions. When he passed away in the year 2016, his philanthropy, though it had been kept a secret, was recognized. One organization that he donated to frequently was ChildLine.

ChildLine is a counseling service that helps children that have experienced various traumas. His contributions helped provide services that allowed these children to heal, but he gave on the condition that his contributions stayed anonymous while he was alive.

Childline founder Esther Rantzen is quoted with saying “Over the years he gave us millions…” The quote was followed up with the explanation that George Michael took great care in making sure that nobody knew how much he gave to the charity. The nation’s most vulnerable children benefited from George Michael’s donations.

In addition to these donations, Mr. Michael was also known for other charitable contributions. Strangers in need, such as a contestant on the hit TV show “Deal Or No Deal” benefited from his generosity. The contestant referred to as an example needed $21,000 in order to get an IVF treatment.

George Michael has been a leader by example in many ways. His giving was appreciated by people who didn’t know where the support came from. Giving can be done without credit, and Mr. Michael is proof of that.

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