Li Ka-Shing

Born in June 1928, Sir Li Ka-shing is an investor and business magnate from Hong Kong. He is also an incredibly well-known philanthropist. In January 2018, Li Ka-shing
was the 23rd richest person in the world with an estimated worth of over $37 billion.

Li Ka-shing is considered one of the most influential entrepreneurs on the Asian continent, with a business empire that is very diverse. Industries that Li Ka-shing has businesses in include real estate, financial services, energy, and transportation, among others.

In addition to his business accomplishments, Li Ka-shing is known for living a frugal lifestyle, often opting to wear simple clothing and shoes, and inexpensive watches. As a philanthropist, Li Ka-shing has donated billions of dollars to charities and other philanthropic causes. After the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Li Ka-shing owns the second largest private foundation in the world.

In addition to having a business empire with presence around the entire planet, Li Ka-shing’s asset portfolio is impressive. Many people around the world have been impacted by his charitable contributions, and he continues to be active through his private foundation and other charities. Li Ka-shing has donated to universities, and his donations have resulted in the founding libraries and schools, like Shantou University and Medical College. Li Ka-shing has donated for disaster relief as well. Li Ka-shing it is often listed as a philanthropist who is giving and supportive and has inspired and helped many people pursue their educational goals. With the vast amount of money that has been donated through Li Ka-shing’s private foundation and personal contributions, Li Ka-shing has helped put positive changes into motion.

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