The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Obtaining and training a guide dog is an expensive endeavor that, according to The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind can cost up to $50,000. Of course many cannot afford that. In addition, some blind people have other considerations like mobility issues or other health problems to consider. The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind is a non-profit that trains guide dogs and matches them up with people who need them. The organization’s mission is very straightforward: to provide guide dogs to people with vision impairment at no cost.

The group was founded in 1946, giving them over 70 years of experience in this field. In addition to providing guide dogs for those who are blind, they may also be able to provide service animals for people who have other types of disabilities that can be assisted by an animal. With a guide dog, people with disabilities can gain newfound independence, leading to more life opportunities. Even something as simple as being able to cross the street safely at a crosswalk with a guide dog can lead to new work opportunities and a great independence.

This organization was the first in the USA to become accredited by the official International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International, proving that their training leads to great dogs who can provide not only companionship but also true help and assistance. They are also a top-rated charity by many organizations including Charity Watch, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau. This lets you know they handle their business with a certain degree of responsibility and you should feel comfortable donating your money to them. This organization is doing truly great work in the world and you can help with a simple donation. According to the group’s website, they appreciate every donation, even just a dollar, and financial prudence is a high priority so they can put as much money possible towards actually providing services to their clients.

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